Frequently Asked Questions

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What does the solar process look like?

  1. You provide your energy bill to Precision Solar
  2. We design a system to fit your energy needs and provide you with a free proposal and consultation to go over the design and numbers
  3. We get you qualified for financing
  4. On site survey performed by Sunward Power
  5. Design Engineering and Permitting
  6. We install your system (1-2 days)
  7. Inspections are performed by utility company and local jurisdictions
  8. You receive permission to operate! POWER ON!!

How long does the process take?

There are variances in the requirements of each city and utility company so the process can differ from job to job, but most of our customers have their systems in full operation within 8 weeks.

Does 100% of my power come from my panels?

Our goal is to provide you with 100% offset of your energy needs. Your roof will play a part in determining if this is possible.

Do I get paid for the energy I produce?

You get a one-to-one energy credit for every kW hour of energy produced in what is called a net metering agreement with the majority of electrical providers we deal with.

How much does it cost?

The cost of installing solar requires looking at a number of factors to determine that figure. How much energy do you currently use? Are you looking for a complete offset of your energy needs? What is the condition of your roof and it’s orientation? Do you have rafters or a truss system? How difficult will the installation process be with extenuating circumstances?

Our solar experts will take a look at the answers to all of these questions and provide you with a complimentary solar proposal.

Is there a federal tax credit for going solar?

Great news! The Federal Tax Credit has been increased to 30% for everyone who is installed in 2022!! The price of solar will never be more affordable than it is right now.

Is the cost of power going up?

We have already experienced a 10% increase in the cost of power this year alone and there is another one on the way. Since Oregon is committed to going carbon neutral by 2040, we are reducing the supplies of power available. With more and more people driving EVs, our demand is going up but our supply is decreasing. This naturally drives the cost of power up. The key is to lock in the cost of your power by owning your own power plant!

Does solar increase the value of my home?

Zillow did a big study recently and determined that homes that have solar that are host owned actually sell for 4.1% more than homes without solar. They have also cited that home energy and sustainability features are a big trend for 2022.